Marketing Consulting & Coaching

Marketing consulting. Marketing coaching. Whatever you want to call it is fine with me, but the fact is these services are designed to help senior management evaluate their existing integrated marketing program. At times, it can be difficult to properly evaluate a marketing program, find holes in the strategy or execution and then identify solutions. This is why getting an outside perspective can be so valuable.

The marketing consulting services I provide to businesses looking for high-level assistance include:

  • Helping establish integrated marketing strategy and tactics 
  • Analysis of outbound marketing efforts
  • Review of customer facing messaging
  • Examination of inbound marketing channels
  • Search engine optimization review
  • Building customer profiles (personas) based on customer data
  • Market and Customer Research

My goal for working with you is simple...I want to help make your integrated marketing efforts more successful. Call me today at 440.488.4719 or send an email to

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