Marketing Knowledge Center (My Brain)

Need help with your integrated marketing plan? Well, since you probably haven't hired me to help you yet, you don't have access to by brain. So, below are a few samples of articles I've written from my newsletter as well as sent out to my customers and prospects regarding marketing best practices, tips, etc. Please feel free to browse through them and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

- Tim Ward

Integrated marketing

A simple explanation of Integrated Marketing Communications is that it “ensures all forms of communication and messaging are carefully linked together (integrated) in a single harmonious plan.” Most people would agree that this...CLICK HERE TO READ

Content Marketing

“More content” is a phrase you hear all too often from digital marketing professionals, but what is content marketing really and what makes it so important? The formal definition of content marketing is "a process for creating and distributing relevant...CLICK HERE TO READ

Email Is Still #1

Even with the rise of social media and mobile marketing, email marketing is still the leading marketing channel by a wide margin and is the most effective marketing method in the United States. Don't believe me? Consider these email marketing facts...CLICK HERE TO READ

Quick Tips To Improve Your SEO

If someone Google's your products or services, do you show up in the Top Spot? Top Five? How about the first page? The fact is EVERY business wants high-rankings with Google, but they often don't achieve the results they want for a variety of reasons...CLICK HERE TO READ

Know Your SEO

When I talk with a prospective client about their website’s SEO, they often tell me their site was optimized for search engines. However, when pressed with further questions, they have no clue what that means and have never actually verified that it was done correctly...CLICK HERE TO READ