Marketing Help For Your Business


You’re here because you want to grow business. You have a vision for what the business could be, but struggle with knowing WHERE marketing fits into that vision, the steps to take and who to trust to help you along the way. Or maybe you’re familiar with the concept of integrated marketing, understand that SEO is important and know the importance of digital marketing grows every day, but need help creating a strategy and then executing it.

If any of these scenarios sounds like your situation, then we should talk. The fact is whether you’re looking for high-level marketing consulting, help in the trenches with digital marketing services or somewhere in between, then I can help. Contact me today!

My marketing consulting services are designed to help my clients evaluate their current marketing program from a strategic view point…Learn More

Your website should always tie back to your overall marketing strategy and be a vital tool in growing your business…Learn More

Whether you need digital marketing services, graphic design, or help with more traditional marketing communications tactics, we can help…Learn More

I have been fortunate to have spent my entire career in marketing, from my first job as a marketing assistant & graphic designer, to creating the strategic direction and overseeing a team of marketing professionals for a $200-Million company.

My marketing experiences, successes and failures are the foundation on which I started Ward Marketing Consulting, and it is my goal to take what I've learned and apply it to each and every one of my clients.

If you're looking for a marketing consultant to provide an objective look at your marketing efforts, need a strategy for your digital marketing plan, or simply need help executing the plan, please contact me today!

-Tim Ward