Website Development & SEO Strategy

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal, so if you’re on this page, then you either NEED a website OR think you MIGHT need a new one. So many of my clients get tied up in the little details of their website they forget the most critical element…their customers!

I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Businesses spend so much time focusing on what they want to say, they often forget that the website is about the customer (whoever they are) and making sure they actually find what they’re looking for. But even designing your website with a ton of valuable content your customers (or potential customers) will love, doesn’t mean anything if they can’t find it…this is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.

There are bunch of elements regarding SEO that I won’t get into here, but I would encourage you to take a look at some articles I’ve written regarding the subject (Click Here). In the meantime, you need to know this…when I build a website, I ALWAYS start with an SEO Strategy!

My goal is to develop you a great website, but a great website doesn’t start with a great design…it starts with an SEO Strategy that focuses on getting people to your website! Give me a call at (440) 488-4719 or send me an email if you’re interested in learning more.  


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“Having two other websites before, I can say hands down Tim’s is the best. He listened to every recommendation we made and delivered a phenomenal product. His Adwords and SEO management has brought us a significant amount of patients. We couldn’t be happier!”

Dr. Michael Aho, Owner
Crosstown Chiropractic

“Tim Ward was recommended to us by another small business owner in the Outdoor Industry. As newcomers, we had already been burned by a “hot marketing firm” and were not very eager to repeat our experience. But Tim took the time to come meet with us and look over our product, our business model and our operation – he was interested in how he could advance our company – not just his own. He helped us prioritize corrections and designed a wonderful, user-friendly website to replace the one we had. Throughout our association he has always had his eye on the vision we are trying to achieve and worked to advance our progress. He is the ultimate professional in interactions with us, our clients and has wonderful insights into strategic planning. We have already recommended him to another small business owner and will continue to do so.”

Shauna Bogardus, Owner
Black Ash Outdoor Products